Friday, February 27, 2009


this is the KidRobot Blank Munny that i did for the C2 Gallery 'Revenge of the Toys' show a couple of months ago. once i finally stopped procrastinating and got to wrapping this little beast i got the 24hr. flu and was hallucinating the whole time i was at it. the only word to describe the experiance is "TEDIOUS!" but, i would like to do some more in a similar way (different colors, different twine, different objects in their hand)... but i would need a 'greenback influence' to actually get motivated. if anyone wants one, get at me. we would be talking $72.00 - $193.00 to get started!

so close to done.

here's the sequence shots of finishing up Diane's painting...

...close. like a C.H. away. i've had fun painting this.

(hopefully one goes to New York next week or so...)

what did you do yesterday?

i have been lucky enough to get thursday and friday off from the coffee shop on a fairly regular basis. i use those days to get work done in my studio. it pretty much is the best damn thing ever. i have also been recently inspired by Glenn Weatherson's Vimeo videos. homeboy is on house arrest (which i can completely relate to) and is video documenting his sixty days of non-freedom, super entertaining. check it out "Sixty Days" on Vimeo. so, i decided to photo document my day as a tribute...

wake up, do dishes.

done dishes.

make coffee.

Gimme! coffee.

break the fast.

toad in a hole!



(add an "e" and "s")

sneek preview...

at some point 'bout halfway through painting, MaggaTron and i went to get coffee.
(wayne ave.)

(church house)


(french roast ethiopian)

(sunoco t.v.)

then we ate...

(yup. i cook)

(oh, hay...?!)

Monday, February 16, 2009

artwork update...

i have been busy the last couple of days in the studio. so i figured i would put up some flicks of where im at on some of these paintings...

(left side)

(right side)



note: none of these are finished or close to being finished. they will probably look a shit-ton different when i do decide to sign them.